This Is What The Future Of Legal Weed Looks Like

This Is What The Future Of Legal Weed Looks Like
Published on January 21, 2018


By Amanda Duberman 1/21/2018

The green revolution is here ― and it’s mostly black, brown and female.

This month, California became the largest state in the nation to allow and regulate recreational cannabis. With marijuana legal in some form in 29 U.S. states, many are rushing to cash in on the wealth and opportunity the industry can provide.

But as legalization spreads and more people ― and more money ― enter the market, not everyone is interested in reckoning with the devastating effects of criminalization or with preserving the industry’s relatively progressive gender balance.

Fortunately, women, specifically women of color, have already been doing the work.

Though mainstream images of cannabis users and industry executives might suggest otherwise, the industry is sustained by a diverse community of supportive women pursuing wellness, wealth, joy and justice through the plant. They are entrepreneurs, healers, lawmakers, scientists, doctors, activists, artists and immigrants. They’ve been in the field before most people called it one, and together they’re creating a just, equitable future.

Here are 27 women who will shape the future of the plant…

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