Medical Marijuana Use Sees Increase in Arizona

Medical Marijuana Use Sees Increase in Arizona

Arizona’s more than 114,000 medical marijuana patients smoked, ate or otherwise consumed more than 29 tons of the drug last year.

That’s more than half of a fully-loaded tractor trailer.

Or, looking at it another way, it’s the equivalent of more than 58,600 16-ounce bags of Oreos.

That’s a 52 percent increase in the amount of pot legally sold in 2015. And the 2015 numbers themselves were double the prior year.

What makes the 2016 figure even more amazing is that the number of medical marijuana users has increased in the past year by less than 35 percent.

Doing the math, that means the average medical marijuana user consumed just under eight ounces of the drug last year, though the odds are some smoked more and some smoked less.

And if the average price of an ounce of marijuana is in the $300 range, that means medical marijuana users spent more than $281 million on the drug.

The latest report from the state Department of Health Services also found that male patients statewide outnumber females by a margin of close to 2-1.

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