Indiana American Legion Calls on Congress to Reschedule Cannabis

Indiana American Legion Calls on Congress to Reschedule Cannabis

The prescription opioid epidemic in this country touches nearly everyone at some point, but some of the most affected are our nation’s veterans. Even in states with legalized medical marijuana, veterans are still unable to receive a cannabis prescription from their V.A. doctor.

Members of the American Legion in Indiana have had enough, and are officially calling on Congress to finally admit that cannabis has at least some medical value, which would in theory warrant a rescheduling on the list of controlled substances. The American Legion also wants their home state of Indiana to get with the program and develop a medical marijuana program.

The resolution was originally written by Jeff Staker, a veteran from Kokomo, IN who started the Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis nonprofit to help create the change he wanted to see. According to Stoker, medical marijuana could be the answer to helping veterans that are desperately waging war against opioid painkiller dependency, PTSD, and other daily mental and physical obstacles they face as a result of their service for this country.

“We got veterans dying every 30 minutes of prescription pain overdose,” Staker, who spent 11 years as a Marine sniper, pleaded. “As veterans we’re looking at it as a way to treat veterans from things from PTSD to chronic pain.”

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