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What our patients are saying…


“I was a little skeptical before visiting – I’ve never been to a dispensary before so I was kind of nervous but The Holistic Center came highly recommended and once I was there it was very comfortable.

Very professional – everyone in here is very professional. They know what they’re talking about, I keep coming back because of the people and the prices. They also have a great variety.

I would definitely recommend The Holistic Center to some medical patients I know that I know would love to come out and meet the staff and see what they have going on.”

– Rebecca Smith



“Heard some great things before visiting.

Staff are very friendly and knowledgeable and very good people. Treated well – they treat you in a positive manner.

I would definitely recommend the The Holistic Center to anyone looking for fair prices and quality staff.”

– Michael Boywid


“I come back because the people are good are knowledgeable and friendly. They know what they’re talking about. Good customer service is always worthwhile – that’s a reason to come back!

I would recommend The Holistic Center to people who are legal to buy like myself.”

– Bruce Migdalek


“Facility is clean and professional. People are very helpful and knowledgable. I would recommend THC because of the quality of the place.”


“I was very curious when I saw the signs, decided to check it out – the location is convenient for me.

What I like most is the people working there – they take care of their customers and treat them respectfully. It’s a really good environment everyone is very really nice.

I would recommend THC to anyone looking for a convenient dispensary off the freeway. (101) Friendly people and great crew. Convenient they are open on Sunday’s.”

– Terry Douglas


“I’ve been been doing herbs for many years. The people and the product are why I come back.

I would recommend The Holistic Center to friends and family who need it.”

– Bob Gurky