Does CBD convert to THC in the stomach? And what does this mean for the world of cannabis?

It appears that stomach acid can convert CBD to THC at low levels according to a study in the Journal of Forensic Toxicology. This has implications for patients and marijuana consumers who consume CBD edibles, as well as those who must take drug tests for work and believe that their CBD products ensure that they will not test positive. It also poses potential problems for DUI’s for folks using “CBD only” edibles.

I have previously told my patients that it was OK to take ultra low-THC/high-CBD products orally, and that these would not cause a positive on a urinalysis since these products contain next to no levels of THC. This can no longer be assumed.  This data could have repercussions for product development for CBD products in the marijuana industry. One of the biggest areas I see would be in the development of topical CBD as this method of delivery should not convert the CBD to THC since there would be no exposure to stomach acids with transdermal CBD.

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